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Premium WordPress Themes are always in demand. We know that we get good support, flexibility and customisation with a Premium WordPress Theme. There is a chance that fewer people would be using the same theme which means your website will stand out more.

Due to an ever increasing demand, a lot of WordPress developers are now selling Premium WP Themes through multiple sources. You will find popular marketplaces which are dedicated to sell premium themes such as ThemeForest, Creative Market or Mojo Marketplace. On the other hand, there are theme developers who plan to sell themes through their own websites. This article explains pros and cons of both sources.

Marketplaces to sell Premium WordPress Themes

When we talk about WordPress Theme Marketplaces, only 3 popular names come to my mind, ThemeForest, Mojo Marketplace and Creative Market. These marketplaces have vast user base and product range starting from Premium WordPress Themes to design assists, icons, mockups, templates, fonts. Themeforest is known to be the most popular one because it has been around for a long time now. Be assured of wide range of audience if you are planning to sell premium themes through any of these marketplaces but on the other hand you will have to pay a percentage of your profit to them. Over the time, this can accumulate into a huge loss of revenue because this commission is deducted from every sale you make.


Prospective Buyers: Selling premium WordPress themes through any of these reputed marketplaces gives you access to a huge range of prospective buyers for wp themes.

Loyal User Base: You can expect a loyal user base from these marketplaces because they have been into this business for years and therefore, helps you to earn good revenue. It’s a boon for new theme developers who are in the competition.

Potential Buyers: One cannot expect to have a million of users from day one on their website but if you choose to sell your themes through marketplace, you can take benefit of this fact. These platforms can give you access to more potential buyers in a short period of time. It’s always tough to compete with theme sellers who are already there in the market before you such as Elegant Themes.


Work Extra Hard: Sad part about selling premium WordPress themes on a marketplace like these is that you will have to work extra hard to attract potential buyers. There are sellers who bloat their theme with a bundle of 15 different plugins and hundreds of features. So in order to compete with these sellers you will have to cater to this kind of demand.

Compromise on Price: Huge competition is the main reason for compromising on the prices for your premium themes. You will have to keep competitive prices for your themes in order to grab attention of buyers.

Commission: Huge amount of commission goes to the marketplace owners for every sale you make. Not only this, your country’s tax treaties with USA also come into play. For the sake of taxation, you will end up paying more than half of your profits to these websites.

Own Theme shop to sell Premium WordPress Themes

Another option to sell your premium themes is through your own shop/website. You will have to setup a website with E-commerce options where buyers can directly access your WP Products. The most obvious advantage for this setup is “100% Profit in your hands”. Whatever you sell goes to your pocket directly. You can make custom plans (Club membership) to sell your WP Products on the website. Only drawback for this setup is “DIY” which means you have to take care of everything from start to end (Setting up website, customisation for web shop, payment gateway integration, marketing costs etc.)


Direction: You can focus on “quality over quantity” direction for your business. Because everything that you are going to sell is yours. So better quality products can always be sold at good price.

Pricing Structure: Customized pricing, give discounts, special promos, club membership plans or bulk discount for your regular theme buyers. Since you can retain 100% of your profit, you don’t have to pay any commission to anyone.


Not Easy: Selling Premium WordPress themes on your website is not as simple as adding products and making sales. Lot of things have to be taken care of for establishing a full-fledged E-commerce platform.

Hosting: WordPress hosting plays an important role to ensure if your website can handle good number of buyers at one time without any fail. If your web shop is offline or not responsive, you are likely to lose your reputation as well as revenue.


Going for a theme marketplace for newbies is always preferred. This will give you a boost in terms of potential buyers, traffic and marketing for your own business. You can always run your web shop side by side. Keep redirecting traffic from these popular marketplaces to your own web shop which will help you in long run. Share your experience in the comments below.


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